Notary Publics

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The notary publics working on behalf of Massenberg Zürbig fulfil their duties in accordance with the very highest standards. As independent holders of a public office, Massenberg Zürbig notary publics see themselves as being obligated to successfully carry out the tasks assigned to them. This, in particular, includes the careful and immediate completion of all notarial services.
The notary publics working on behalf of Massenberg Zürbig can call upon many years of experience and are heavily involved with the topics of corporate law, real estate property law and inheritance law. With respect to corporate law, the founding and restructuring of companies, but also the corporate law related issues such as corporate contracts are focuses of the legal practice. These issues also include the notary public services required when transferring shares in companies. The notary publics at Massenberg Zürbig also provide services in relation with sale purchase agreements.

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